Another way to detect corona virus

Another way to detect coronavirus  We are all worried about this virus. We are scared and of course. Don't believe what we have to prepare or avoid. What is important is how we and our families survive if we catch it. This is normal, but despite all this, I am surprised that there seems to be very little mention of God in this situation.

Another way to detect  corona virus

If any of you have read the Bible you are aware of diseases and famines and calamities. They were often for the purpose of bringing God's children into reality. To help them identify that they are destroying themselves with bad habits. They needed to open their eyes before they could destroy themselves. In other words, these plagues were often to help save God's children. If they change their ways and return to righteousness, they will be saved.

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As I've thought about it, I'm wondering if this coronavirus isn't one of the ways that God has allowed us all to see ourselves and admit that maybe We need to make some changes in our lives.

It amazes me. How many people today say they don't believe in God? How many people have strayed from their faith, their religion, and their spiritual beliefs and have chosen to follow the ways of the world. How quickly and easily they make excuses for their decision. All fingers point to the reasons they choose to walk. How easy it is to turn away from God and not believe!.

Another way to detect  corona virus

If you read, in the scriptures, the days when people were gone because they reached the destination of pride and prosperity and it seems that they no longer need God.  It would seem that a sack that encases with a drawstring.

 Now we are in this cycle. Life is good at the top of this cycle. We don't need much. We are, in most cases, very happy. We have everything we want and no big wishes. I am speaking for the society I am in at the moment. Just look at the habits of many people, if not most of them. The 10 commandments are meaningless.

What do they say Exodus 20 In short - love the Lord, do not use the name of the Lord in vain, keep the Sabbath holy, honor your father and mother, do not kill, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, do not tolerate Will False witness (lie), do not covet (envy or envy anyone)

Please read them as a society - where are we? As I said before, more and more people are saying that they do not believe in God, swearing is common. What are we doing on Sunday? Families are breaking up, what about adultery? Commonplace, theft, killing? Our prisons are full of people who have been caught! What about others? False witness - politics? Kuwait - Retain Jones?

Another way to detect  corona virus

Just a few examples.

Are we a good nation here in the United States? I do not think.

Are we good people? We have to look at each one according to our own choice!

I guess, as a society, we are very lost.

What has God done in the past with societies that look like Sodom and Gomorrah in Noah's day? - He has given them a second chance to finish or,

Is this a Coronavirus, a second chance? Are we being given the opportunity to review our lives and keep abreast of changes in our personal lives? Or are we so sure that we will destroy ourselves?

We are for the most part going to kick the bucket sooner or later. Think about it.

I believe this virus is the second chance to fix our lives. Shouldn't we all be right with God when we leave this earth?

If we have to stay, then, shouldn't we live according to God's guidance?

I consider this virus my second chance.

Please get down on your knees at this time and ask God for guidance, comfort, and hope. Helping each of us to repent and choose to be obedient and follow it, so that we can bring good to our world and be a good example for our children so that they too can have a chance at a good life.

God bless you all.

The Coronavirus is terrible for all of us, but can it be a blessing or a wake-up call that will improve our whole life and our world? Read my article and get a new perspective. Can it help you find more peace, hope, and even a new way of life? Even happier. May Allah have mercy on you?


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